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“Necessarily we must think of different ways to access housing and not only build new housing, but, for example, take advantage of abandoned housing in areas where there are already services.”
Raquel Lejtreger Consultant in disaster risk management, climate change, human mobility.

What are the LAVs?

  • Icon Knowledge Knowledge
  • Icon Innovation Innovation
  • Co-construction Co-construction
  • Investigation Investigation

They are workshops where the research and practice of different sectors (public, private, social, academic, among others) and scales (subnational, national, regional) converge to discuss and analyze knowledge and experiences regarding issues related to housing and habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The LAVs are based on the demands of the actors and informed by the global agendas, and aim to bring together actors, generate shared visions and align effort for action and research, to face urban challenges and move towards sustainable development in the region.


  1. Generate critical mass to guide the region towards sustainable development based on housing and habitat.
  2. Develop alternatives on specific housing and habitat issues in the region.
  3. Exchange practices, opportunities and approaches to transfer, scale and enrich initiatives in housing and habitat issues in the region.
  4. Examine practices and approaches to enrich and guide research and action lines.